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Media & Games Design

The Learning Hub has a range of resources available to assist you with your course while you're here at BCoT.  Below is information on books, ebooks, magazines, careers books and useful websites which relate directly to your course. 

The Learning Hub staff are here to assist you and to provide any help you may need. You can contact us via email at or telephone on 01256 306384.  

If you would like to see a PDF version of your subject guide so you can print and keep a hard copy please click here.

Our collection of ebooks can be accessed by visiting Ebrary where you will be able to browse and search our selection of ebooks, download or read online.  You can also search the Library Catalogue to find if a particular title is available as an ebook just as you would for printed books. You can search for an author, title or keyword.

These are just some of the ebooks we have that might prove useful to you:




Below are some additional websites that you might find interesting:

Useful websites


Books are classified using the Dewey Decimal Classification system making it easier for us to organise related subjects together on the shelves.  This in turn makes it easier for you to find the book you need. 

Not all books relevant to your course will be located in just one area, so you may have to look around the library to find what you need.

If you want to find out if the library holds a specific title you can search the Library Catalogue which will give you information about available books including the Dewey Decimal Classification number so you can locate the book you need. 

You can search for an author, title or keyword.


Below is a selection of class numbers that will be of relevance to you:


Game programming 

Media production      

Music technology   

Sound engineering  

Graphic design    


Computer games design 


Game architecture 

006 / 778.5347

006.686 / 794.8









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