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CV Writing


A curriculum vitae (CV) is your personal marketing tool - an opportunity to sell your skills, qualities, expertise and potential to a prospective employer.


A CV will get you an interview, not a job.


An employer will only spend around 7 seconds looking at a CV so keep your information clear and organised.

  • Personal Details


  • Personal Profile  / Statement


  • Education


  • Add Further Qualifications  or training 


  • Work Experience


  • References


What to include


  • Full Name 


  • Contact Telephone Number 


  • Email Address

Remember, you do not need to include

  • Age


  • Gender


  • Race

  • Religion

  • Sexuality

  • Home address


Key Skills, Interests and Achievements


  • The opening statement of your CV


  • A short introduction which outlines your personal characteristics


  • Tells the prospective employer what kind of a person you are


  • Skills and qualities that you have 


  • Work experience you have


When writing your personal profile, ensure it is:


  • No more than 6 lines


  • Relevant to the job you are applying for


  • Contains some real examples

Be bold, be confident and talk about yourself in a positive way!

What to include


  • School / College Name 


  • Town / City 


  • Start Date 


  • Qualification Type 


  • Subjects


  • Grade ( Achieved / Predicted Grade)


Additional Qualifications

E.g. First Aid  / Duke of Edinburgh


What to include


  • Job Title 


  • Company Name 


  • Town / City 


  • Start/End Dates


  • Type of work


  • Job Duties and Responsibilities


Who can you ask? Here are some examples


  • Teacher


  • Past employer


  • Someone you have volunteered for


What to include 


  • Referee’s Name 


  • Referee’s Contact Details 


  • You don't have to include your referee details, you can just put ‘references available on request’

  • Keep it to maximum of 2 A4 pages long


  • Use bullet points and short sentences rather than big paragraphs


  • Only include relevant and positive and information


  • Don’t include a photo (unless applying to USA or as a model or actor!)


  • Don’t include home address


  • Don’t include health details


  • Don’t include religion

  • Make sure dates are in chronological order (most recent first)


  • Make sure you spell check your CV


  • Get someone else to check it


  • Make sure you include a reference or put statement: References available on request


  • Keep your CV up-to-date and relevant for the job you are applying for


  • Don’t need to include date of birth or gender

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